Intelligence Media Group Corporation

Intelligence Media Group is an international, independently owned, full service Hispanic Advertising Agency that is capable of handling every aspect of an advertising campaign. We are an integrated marketing communications agency dedicated to build our clients brands increasing their market share and sales in the market.  From providing research and marketing consultation to developing creative and targeted advertising strategies, Intelligence Media Group offers competitive services with favorable results.

We pride ourselves on our culture that is young, creative and incredibly committed. We are a diverse group of professionals from different countries in the region that make up a fully multi-lingual and multicultural team.

We are a firm of intellect and culture. We are "roll-up-our-sleeves, no-job-too-big-or-too-small" people who are risk-takers and share a passion for excellence. We are nimble, spirited, smart and sophisticated. We are committed to detailed planning and flawless execution of programs. Above all, we are people who care about Latin America and we want to make a difference.

History is essential to our culture!



In the early 2000s, as US Hispanic, Latin America and the Caribbean began to be recognized as one of the most lucrative potential marketplaces of the future, America's top multinational corporations realized that they needed tomarket their products and services in the region. But, they discovered a void of expertise in pan-regional marketing communications. Intelligence Media Group was created to fulfill their strong demand for this very specialized consumer and business marketing knowledge.

Experience pays off. Intelligence Media Group is a group of experienced, talented and successful advertising, marketing/communications and public relations consultants located throughout Latin America and the Caribbean was founded in 2000. United, they strengthen each individual member agency's ability to serve a broad range of clients with pan-regional needs.

Today, with more than 5 offices throughout the region, Intelligence Media Group is one of the most promising privately held agency networks in the region.


Our Mission is unique!


Our mission is to provide our clients an innovative, integrated marketing approach for the region, based on the strategies that we have developed from our years of experience. We're committed to helping our clients build their brands through the skillful development and deployment of customized advertising and marketing communications strategies.

Location is part of the strategy!

Strategically headquartered out of Washington DC, USA, with it’s subsidiary in San Juan, Puerto Rico (USA), and locations throughout Latin America, Intelligence Media Group's growing network of offices has the strength and capability to provide strategically sound solutions for our clients. Our years of experience in the region enable us to deliver value-added insight, creative thinking, and superior results for our clients.

Intelligence Media Group is positioned to make your advertising and promotions a total success in US Hispanic, Spanish and Latin American audiences. 

Our offices are located in:

  • Washington DC, USA
  • Boston, Mass., USA
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA
  • Miami, Florida, USA
  • Santo Domingo de Guzman, Dominican Republic

Intelligence Media Group provides a full service, integrated marketing communications approach by offering services such as advertising, consulting and public relations, as well as event management and e-business solutions.

Intelligence Media Group has the strength and capability to provide intelligent, integrated solutions for companies wanting to market their products and services in the region. Our years of experience in the region set us light years ahead of the competition, and enable us to deliver value-added insight, creative thinking, and superior results for our clients.

A roster of national clientele benefits from the following Intelligence Media Group agency services:  Copywriting, Media Placement, Translation, Production, Strategic Planning, Market Research, Creative Design, Talent Selection, Public Relations, Community Involvement, Crisis Management, Recruitment/Staffing, Event Marketing, Cross-promotions, Direct Mail, Organizational Analysis and Premium Design, among others.

Each of Intelligence Media Group's five-business unit (Advertising, Consulting, Event Management, E-Business, and Public Relations) is an experienced outfit to advance your marketing needs and increase brand awareness and sales.

Intelligence Media Group's business units work together on a daily basis to assure effective communication and successful execution of every campaign. With the careful facilitation of the campaign process, you can be assured that your business receives the most complete and innovative product possible.

Advertising Business Unit:

We believe that imagination is one of the last remaining legal means you have to gain an unfair advantage over your competition. We believe in creating unique niches for our clients. We believe that there is no such thing as a "me-too" product, only "me-too" advertising. And we believe that great advertising is, has been and always will be created in full partnership with great clients.

Our Advertising Business Unit is divided into three strategic divisions:  Account Service, Media and Creative

Account Service Division:  The primary focus of Intelligence Media Group's Account Service Team is to provide the highest level of customer service to the client by listening to the needs of the client and providing new insights and ideas in a proactive manner. The Team performs strategic planning, conducts market research, executes competitive analysis, and assesses company position in the marketplace. All of these functions are customized to fit each client's specific needs. The combination of these activities has led to an impressive client roster on both national and local levels.

Media Division:  Intelligence Media Group's Media Division is comprised of experienced media planners and buyers, with market knowledge in US Hispanic and Latin American markets.

Our Media Services include:

·                     Development of media strategies

·                     Research of all markets - determining ethnicity composition

·                     Concise media planning

·                     Execution of media plans

·                     Invoice analysis

·                     Post analysis and meeting planning goals

Creative Division:  Intelligence Media Group's Creative Division is comprised of talented artists with bilingual and creative skills needed to bring advertising to life. The Creative Director, Graphic Designers, and Copywriters work to produce complete advertising campaigns for electronic and print media.

Creativity…our competitive edge!

Whether it's in Spanish, Portuguese or English, our creative is exceptional. Our creative team is both remarkably talented and experienced in all kinds of industries, categories and markets.

We are committed to developing creative advertising campaigns designed to meet your business objectives, whether it's to build brand awareness, increase product sales or increase page views on a Web site. We know that the best measure of good creative is successful results for our clients.

In this age of competitive advertising, Intelligence Media Group's creative experts offer clients modern and imaginative designs that make a statement in today's evolving marketplace. Creative services include video and audio production, logo design and application and all creative concepting for collateral materials and printed media.

A nationwide database of English and Spanish media outlets is maintained and updated so the department can provide insightful and immediate market profiles upon request. Strong relationships with media partners across the country allow this department the opportunity to develop accurate media plans with timely execution.

Our complete advertising services are created in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and English and include:

  • Creative campaign development
  • Design and production for all media:
    • Broadcast
    • Print
    • Outdoor
    • Web
    • Collateral and POP materials
  • Computer generated graphics
  • Multimedia and video services

Consulting Business Unit:

We provide strategic communications consulting and planning for both start-ups and established companies. We are committed to providing the clear deliverables that will prove invaluable over the long term. To accomplish that, our firm's strategic advisors start by evaluating a company's positioning in the marketplace and then clearly defining an effective marketing communications plan.

Our consulting and planning services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • New business development
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Revenue models
  • Channel recruitment
  • Funding opportunities

Event Management Business Unit:

Planning a series of seminars throughout the region? Or possibly, hosting a party for 300 customers? Or, perhaps you just need to have a display booth developed for a trade show in Dominican Republic? Intelligence Media Group can help. We take the worry out of event planning from start to finish and let you take credit for a job well done.

The Events Management at Intelligence Media Group has been very successful in integrating event-marketing strategies into many of our advertising campaigns. Through successful event marketing, Intelligence Media Group's clients experience increased brand awareness by establishing a cultural link with targeted communities.

Intelligence Media Group's Events Management and Premiums Unit is capable of creating original events on behalf of the clients, such as the annual "ComputerWorld/PC World Technology Expo" in San Juan, Puerto Rico or the Computer Ethics Center Seminars. The Technology Expo event is one of the region’s most important business and technology trade show.

We have successfully developed and executed seminars and events for such clients as Millennium Technology Associates, Corel, ACT!, Microsoft, Barquin International, Computer Ethics Institute, Puerto Rico Institute for Public Policy, Targus, Connectiva, ComputerWorld, PC World, ADSEI, Department of Education, Hogares Crea, Pitusa, SAMs/Wal-Mart, The Fourth R – Computer Training Solutions and Apple. We can create custom-designed events that will bring you closer to your customers. We take care of everything from selecting a theme to scouting a location, from food selection, to on site supervision. And we do it all to specification and within budget.

Our event planning services include:

  • Venue scouting
  • Hotel/facility negotiation
  • Entertainment & menu planning
  • Trade show booths - design & execution
  • Invitations - both printed & e-mail
  • RSVP services:
    • In-bound and out-bound telemarketing
    • Securing rooms nights
    • Guest services
  • Logistics:
    • Set-up & take-down
    • Insurance
    • Transportation
    • Supervision

E-Business Business Unit:

We build web, we build business, and we build success. Our methodology works - we prove it each time you succeed. The unbridled use of the latest trendy multimedia technology does not define effective web presence. Careful and experienced analysis of your company, your customers and your goals does!

We are committed to developing sites that are not only innovative, but also achieve results. Due to the phenomenal growth of the Web throughout the region, we believe that a clearly defined and effectively executed on-line program is an integral part of any business development.

The medium is the message... and at Intelligence Media Group we create Look & Feel with strong brand image that is noticed and remembered.

Our interactive E-Business division designs, engineers and develops successful e-business solutions for our clients. We are committed to developing E-Centers that are not only innovative, but also achieve results. At Intelligence Media Group, we believe that a clearly defined and effectively executed on-line program is an integral part of any company's solution to succeed.

Whether you're intended to build brand awareness, make a demo or deliver a specific message directly to a targeted audience, at Intelligence Media Group, we bring solutions that are not only innovative, but also achieve results.

At Intelligence Media Group, we treat you as partners, working with you to meet your needs for a sophisticated, integrated, new media solution. We've developed unique models of presentations for clients such as ACT! (Interact Commerce) and Corel.

We are committed, by the quality and the simplicity of our design combine with the new technological innovations to bring your business to a new level.

Our web solutions include:

  • Full service Web capabilities in English, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Web site design and development
  • E-marketing campaigns
  • E-business integration into existing platforms
  • The latest in open source technologies to ease integration with legacy systems
  • Corporate portal development
  • E-Commerce consulting services
  • Q and A

Public Relations Business Unit:

We believe that public relations may indeed be the critical anchor for a fully integrated communications program. We understand that our performance equates with measurable business goals beyond generating awareness, disseminating information and building a corporate image. Therefore, we are committed to creating programs that tie-in with specific business results.

At Intelligence Media Group’s Public Relation Unit our clients not only benefit from effective advertising campaigns, they are able to tap into the public sector both nationally and locally. Intelligence Media Group is able to strategically position its clients to receive ample support from the public sector as well as various media outlets and the Hispanic community.

The Public Relations Unit specializes in assisting our clients with community affairs and outreach as well as consensus building on issues involving public policy, local or national governments and crisis management and communications. Clients who have received Public Relations services include:  Apple Computers, Corel Corporation, ACT! – Interact Commerce, Microsoft, ComputerWorld, PC World, Puerto Rico Institute for Public Policy, eGames, Instituto de Formacion Democratica (National Student Mock Election), Millennium Technology Associates Corporation, Computer Gallery, Connectiva, IBM, Barquin International, Computer Ethics Institute, The Fourth R – Computer Training Solutions,,,

Our public relations services include:

  • Strategic plan development
  • Media training
  • Media relations
  • Crisis communications
  • Crisis preparedness training
  • Corporate communications
  • Press kit design, development
  • Event planning
  • Community relations and outreach

Our client list hails from the Fortune 500 list and includes some of the most widely recognized companies worldwide.  Some of our clients are:  Corel, Apple, Connectiva, Interact Commerce, Mock Elections, IDG Communications, Oriental Financial Group, Mortgage Store and Barquin International, among others.

Are you ready to take your marketing strategy out of the box?  Call us right away and one of our marketing associates will coordinate a free of charge examination of your current campaign and provide consulting to sustain your success.

Contact:  Mr. Ramon Barquin III (, 787-273-6724 or fax 787-793-0250 or Oscar Cucurullo-Mejias at 787-530-7575.